Hot Dishes

Khinkali (3pcs)

Georgian style hand-rolled dumplings stuffed with brothy seasoned meat (beef & pork) and herbs.

$ 9


Slightly spicy beef & pork sausage with distinct flavor of enriched Georgian herbs. Served with salad, rice or mashed potatoes.

$ 14


Slow cooked hearty beef in stewed tomatoes, sweet onion, Georgian spices &
fresh herbs. Served with pickles, rice or mashed potatoes.

$ 15


Marinated oven fried chicken with Georgian spices. Served with salad, rice or mashed potatoes.

$ 12

Baked Goods

Adjaruli Khachapuri

Boat shaped oven baked dough stuffed with molten cheese, topped with egg & a choice of a butter. Vegetarian.

$ 10

Imeruli Khachapuri

Flatbread/Pie with melted cheese filling demonstrating timeless signature of Georgian culinary. Vegetarian.

$ 8 Small / $16 Large

Megruli Khachapuri

Traditional Georgian double cheese pie with a rich top layer of crusted cheese. Vegetarian.

$ 9 Small / $18 Large


Mountain style meat pie packed with tender chopped pork along with onions, herbs & Georgian spices.

$ 9

Penovani Khachapuri

Golden crispy pie made with puff pastry & a mixed melted cheese. Vegetarian.

$ 6


Warm cornbread filled with slightly gooey cheese. Vegetarian. Gluten free.

$ 3

Penovani Lobiani

Georgian warm and flaky puff pasty filled with our signature seasoned bean mash. Vegan.

$ 5

Spinach & cheese Pie

Delicately balanced blend of spinach & cheese pie. Vegetarian.

$ 5

Potato Pie

Potato mash with onions & herbs.

$ 5


Chicken Meatball

Soothing bouillon & meatballs seasoned with fresh herbs & rice.

$ 4 8oz / $7 16oz


Hearty stew with tender bites of mushroom, barley, carrots & fresh herbs. Vegan.

$ 4 8oz / $7 16oz


Wholesome beef soup in tomato broth, rice, spices, & fresh herbs.

$ 9.99


Spinach with walnuts

Cooked & minced spinach, walnuts, garlic, & herbs garnished with pomegranate. Vegan.
Served with a choice of Chvishtari (cheese cornbread). Vegetarian.

$ 12 w/2 Pieces of Chvishtari / $8 wo/Chvishtari

Beets with walnuts

Cooked beets with walnuts, garlic, & herbs. Vegan
Served with a choice of Chvishtari (cheese cornbread). Vegetarian.

$ 12 w/2 Pieces of Chvishtari / $8 wo/Chvishtari


Georgian style flavorful stew packed with variety of vegetables, eggplant, squash, bell pepper, garlic, spices, & herbs. Vegan.
Served with a choice of Chvishtari (cheese cornbread). Vegetarian.

$ 12 w/2 Pieces of Chvishtari / $8 wo/Chvishtari


Honey Cake

Made with honey & condensed/caramel cream.

$ 7

Kada Cake

Buttery & sugary filling that offers unique & crunchy taste.

$ 4

Cigarette cake

Stuffing of walnuts, golden & black raisins, cinnamon & vanilla.

$ 5


Georgian Grape and Walnut Dessert.
Filling of walnuts, pure grape juice, and flour. Vegan.

$ 7


Perfectly light airy pastry filled with the most delicate custard cream & topped with a chocolate ganache.

$ 5

Sour cream Chocolate cake

Mixture of sour cream & chocolate, perfect balance of decadence & simplicity.

$ 5

Berry Cake

Mixture of seasonal fruits & berries with delicate cream (kiwi, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc.).

$ 7

Walnut Vegan Muffin

An individual cup-shaped good filled with walnuts, grounded oranges & lemons, dried cranberries, apricots & raisins, & cinnamon. Vegan.

$ 5

Chocolate Vegan Muffin

An individual cup-shaped chocolate good filled with dried cranberries. Vegan.

$ 5